If i was to write an zombie apocalypse au for maksyl and submit it anonymously would anybody read it? I have a plot in mind and everything but i need to know if somebody would read it.


I don’t care if anyone else would read it, because I definitely would. 100%  So please, go for it.

Just got back from the BWAT night show. Unfortunately, the Q&A in this one was lame compared to the afternoon show. Maks got in one mention of Meryl, but it was in the context of thanking people for voting for them, thanking people for voting for Melissa & Tony, Karina & JR, and Cheryl & her winning partners. Was disappointed no one gave him better lead-ins so we could hear more Meryl mentions. :) A lady did bring a photo of the famous start of freestyle pose for him to sign, and he liked it. :)






Part 2: He stood and looked at the Meryl on his shoulders photo for a minute, and Karina looked over his arm to see it. It was kinda like he was mesmerized by the photo a little. He did a little smile, too. Anyway, hope you can share this with the maksyl peeps. Thanks.

Omg “mesmerized by the picture” is an adorable description. This day just keeps getting better. This calls for a celebration with frozen bellinis

Drinks anyone? ☺️🍻🍹🍸


how do you have gifs for everything??

Post plz they need to see this message and I don't have IG: Dear merylandmaks IG account, Do not EVER post something from a tumblr page without at least sending an ask about it to them. You are taking your time to scroll through and stalk our blogs to then post our pictures and information for your own gain. Stop using us as your source to get your precious followers. We are a family on here and don't wanna deal with your shit anymore. Sincerely -A PISSED OFF MAKSYL FAN THAT IS DONE WITH YOU


Nonny knows whats up

Dear future me...

Dear future me,

I’d like to think we’ll get our shit together soon. But if you’re still working a shitty job for shitty pay, that’s okay too. I’m starting to make happy the priority over money, so I hope that doesn’t come back around to bite you in the ass. Be happy, be healthy, and you better have more tattoos.

P.S. I will cut you if you ever start drinking pop again.